SIP-0: A new way to distribute IL compensation (Beta on OEC)

The SIL bootstrap team planned to rollout a new mechanism of IL mitigation solution, which will bring in new way of distributing IL compensations.

The new mechanism will be rolled out on OEC initially, requesting for comments.

The update v1 will contain:

  • Smart Contract updates
    • Users’ asset’s clearing and settlement will be synchronized instead of asynchronous.
    • Compensation for users’ IL will be distributed in counter-party tokens instead of staking tokens
  • UI updates
    • User can view their earning profits in separate details with:
      • How much earned during current staking context
      • IL compensation display (if there are)
      • Final withdrawable tokens (show calculation)
    • Split display of APY
      • Show LP yield earnings
      • Show LP fee earnings
      • Show SIL earnings
      • Optionally show NFT modded earnings
    • Split display of TVL
      • Show TVL on every pools (rolled out)