SAFN-2 - ‘YOU ARE NFT’ feast

Do you have your own NFT when NFT becomes the top trend? Now it’s the chance to ape in!

To thank all SILians for your support, we now launch the ‘YOU ARE NFT’ feast.

From August 14 at 0:00 UTC to August 21 at 23:59 UTC, all users who participated in SIL mining or holding SIL during the period have the chance to win their own custom-made NFT from SIL’s sART team, the card face will be the recreations of user’s uploaded avatar, so do hesitate and join this funny event!

What are the features of NFTs in this feast?

  • It’s unique for you, worldwide.
  • Can be upgraded to SAFN(SIL Augmented Functional NFT) cards through Card Fusion in the near future.
  • Can be traded on third party NFT platforms.

How to Participate?

Step 1: The avatar is ladies or your ladies ONLY, or if you wanna be a lady.

Step 2: From August 14 at 0:00 UTC to August 21 at 23:59 UTC, users who participate in SIL mining (Hedging / Yield) or hold SIL Tokens during the feast.

Step 3: Follow SIL.Finance Twitter account :

Step 4: Like and retweet and tag 3 friends

Step 5: Join the official SIL.Finance telegram group:Telegram: Contact @sil_finance

Step 6: Fill out the form to upload your avatar, please make sure the image is generally visible: Loading... - Form by Asana

Step 7: The sART team will randomly pick 30 eligible SILians with awesome avatars to forge custom-faced NFT for those SILians only.


  • The recreation will take some time, please be patient
  • The custom-made NFT is a standard ERC721 BSC equivalent, card face is representable on supported wallets.
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